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What is The Essential?

The Essential is a living platform for higher education students to have an inspiring environment as they pursue their educational goals. 

What type of people live at The Essential?

Students attending SDSU, UCSD, Grossmont, Mesa, Coastal Flight Academy, and other surrounding campuses. 

What type of floorplans are at The Essential?

Our floorplans consist of dormitory style suites designed to fit 1-2 students. 

Do I have to have a roommate to live at The Essential?

Although, we provide roommate matching, it is not required for you to have a roommate depending on the style of suite you lease. 

What is all included in the rental rates?

At The Essential, it is imperative that you feel right at home. We provide a fully furnished room, Wi-Fi, Cable, internet, water, sewer, trash, and bi-weekly housekeeping.

What type of amenities are at The Essential?

The Essential holds study lounges on every floor, a jacuzzi, gym, movie theatre, bike room, various Zen gardens, table tennis, and a community kitchen.

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